Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos


We are currently in a citrus-growing year where lack of dormancy and winter has led to an excessive and exaggerated sprouting in nearly all varieties coming early in the majority of cases.


This situation involves a heavy wear of energy by woodland and the result is a strong post-fecundation weakness in the second half of the spring.


Woodland by having an excessive number of flowers and a low number of stems or new leaves will be found with the circumstance of suffering a substantial deficit of photosynthesis and carbohydrate that behaves a marked physiological fall in the month of June.



From the technical service of EDYPRO biotechnology recommend our product AMINOPLUS, ideally suited to activate at the beginning of the sprouting crops by inducing flowering, when it is expected that it will be insufficient or inducing to sprouting, when the bloom will be excessive. It is an amino acid BIOREGULATOR of upper range.



AMINOPLUS is a product obtained by hydrolysis of proteins of vegetable origin. Composed by a high content of polypeptides, peptides and free amino acids. It is also accompanied by microelements essential for the good development of the crop.


It combines the advantages of the free amino acids combined with vitamin M, stimulating plants of natural origin and microelements (iron, manganese, molybdenum and Zinc).


Finally, AMINOPLUS is a Bioregulator that balances the development of crops and generates a stable and uniform development in adverse times by extreme weather conditions. AMINOPLUS facilitates the assimilation of the set of nutrients absorbed by the plant and prevents imbalances of vegetative operation.