Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

ROOT SEED is a special product developed to estimulate the germination of seeds of cereals (corn, barley, wheat, oats, triticale, etc.).


It belongs to a new generation of specific nutrients to seed without waste.


ROOT SEED standardized and uniform germination of seeds of cereals, shortening the time of germination and rooted, in addition to the nitrogen fixation by directly increasing the crop yield.


ROOT SEED is the essential base for high performance and avoid the marras nacencia and lack of rooting.


It's incorporation helps germination in adverse weather conditions caused by lack of temperature and other adverse weather conditions.


Below is a plot of durum wheat in the area of Seville, where have been treated 3ha with ROOT SEEDfacing the rest of untreated plot.







As you can see, the part treated with ROOT SEED presents a more developed root system consistent, because the ROOT SEED applications generate a better start and rapid root development in the early stages.


It also notes that the thicker stem and more developed leaves and with higher level of chlorophyll. A greater number of children presents the treated plants.