Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Extremadura is the second leading rice producer in Spain, behind Andalusia, with a share of about 20-30% of the total rice production in Spain.

EDYPRO, through its biotechnology products adapted to rice, is present in this region every year, with excellent results in the field.




In both previous images, you can see the difference between treated and EDYFRUIT ARROZ taken as control plants. The result of applying EDYFRUIT ARROZ  is a plant with cleaner, healthier root system and root longer (greater number of godchildren). Furthermore, the plant length is greater, a uniform green colouration showing all processed.



In the plot treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ  chlorophyll levels obtained after application and monitoring EDYPRO field it is greater than that provided in the control area. As a result, the treated plot is intense uniform green color and a greater length of the plants.

Then images of a plot of Gladio rice variety treated with PODIUM ARROZ, where you can observe the magnificent state of the plant is.