Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The fourth national rice production is Valencia, with approximately 14% share of the domestic production of rice, with big annual growth. In addition to Valencia, Alicante is also a major producer of rice, mainly in the areas of Pego and Oliva.

Pego (Alicante) is the traditional area where the famous Bomba rice is grown. This area often has strong attacks Pyricularia that counteracts the harvest.

Some rice farmers in this area have tried their rice with our products:

ROOT RICE to stimulate germination and ensure good plant establishment,

EDYFRUIT ARROZ factors to stimulate productive plant

- PODIUM ARROZ to restore nutritional balance and strengthen the plant against stress factors.

Then you can observe the results obtained in 2015 through the application of biotechnology products in several rice parcels EDYPRO rice Alicante.

The images above correspond to a rice plot of Pego area, with the Bomba variety.

Seeds treated with ROOT RICE in water and pre-germinated rice and EDYFRUIT ARROZ on the first pass of herbicides. In the image on the left you can observe uniform and strong plants with leaves very long development. In the right picture we present a comparison of biotech products treated with EDYPRO and untreated plants. You can see that the treated plants have a better developed root system with many hairs and consequently the plants have more force and continue normal growth.

In the image shown the result of applications of PODIUM ARROZ in the rice plot of Pego area. The treated plant has a healthier complexion, with the highest number of grains per spike and greater consistency than the control.

The rice plot of Pego area, treated with the products of EDYPRO presents more color ears against the control area, which has a whiter and worst aspect pins.

By the following comparative images between treated plots EDYPRO products and other products, we can see the differences in the state and coloration of plant and ears.