Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The basis of good agricultural production is the healthy plant, well-nourished and with a balanced vegetative development. These three pillars are highly correlated, e.g. nutritional imbalance makes the plant more susceptible to disease.

We share with you the recent experience we have had in the area of La Mojonera (Almeria, Spain) where the plantation of French cucumber has suffered a severe attack of Downy Mildew that has caused difficulties in the vital functioning of the plants and as a consequence the fruit filling has been incomplete with "bottleneck".


In the visit to the greenhouse we recommend the farmer to carry out the treatment plan to improve the general condition of the plants, recovering the capacity of assimilation of the nutrients of the soil with COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus at 80 L./ha. and stimulating the thickening with EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR at 20 L. / ha. and repeat the cycle of applications in 10 days.

In only 10 days, after performing the recommended applications in the treated part we see a significant improvement in the state of the plants and the fruits´ quality. In the following comparative images taken on February 10, you can see the differences in the behavior of the crop and its vital and productive potential. The fruits in the treated plot have taken a larger caliber with a complete filling.

As you can see, with the biotechnology of EDYPRO we have managed to recover the vigor and productive potential despite the weakness caused by Downy Mildew and phytosanitary treatments to control the disease.

If you need to restore the productive potential of your crop, please contact us and ask for consultation of our technical team.