Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos



Today, July 28 of 2017, we moved to Benavente (Portugal) to show you the magnificent results that have once again been achieved thanks to the Biotechnology of EDYPRO in industrial tomato.

In this case our product COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus was applied in three moments:

At the beginning of the crop, an application of 40 liters / ha was made. At 10 days 20lts / ha were applied and at the start of fattening 40lts / ha more, that is, a total of 100lts / ha.

In the following photograph we appreciate how the treated fruit is of better caliber and better size thanks to the application of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus, a product that allows the correct assimilation of the whole of the nutrients in the complex ciúmico and with a hydration of the plant gives as result:


Here you can see a video in which you can see the difference of the treated and untreated area:


We will continue to show more results from areas producing tomato industra such as Camargue (France) or Piedmont (Italy) in which our products have also been applied.

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