Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Spain is the country with the largest area of vineyards in the world, about 1 million hectares.


To demonstrate the potential of biotechnology in the crop so delicate, we have made together with our external partners a product demonstration applications of MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR in a plots of Girona.


The aim was to influence the process of ripening of the grapes, increasing the sugar content (° GAP) and improving the organoleptic characteristics, through biotechnology.


Two applications of MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR were made:


- 1st application 28.7.2015

- 2nd application 18.8.2015



As can be seen in the statistical graph, the degree of maturity of the grapes treated with MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR increases rapidly over the witness and vineyard.


During the monitoring period there have been significant differences in the grape cluster treated plot against the witness.


After the demonstration applications made by our employees, along with a sensory analysis, we draw the following conclusions:

  • With respect to the weight of the grapes harvested in the treated plot they were about 15% more weight than testimony
  • For each subsequent analyzes differences in the level of maturity they were higher for treatment MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR.
  • The sensory analysis showed that gender (grape) treated with MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR are less herbaceous notes, which are undesirable characteristics in a wine stood out.
  • What we see is that the extraction of color in the grape treated with MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR was much faster in the beginning of maceration compared to the untreated. But during the course of maceration would in color matching. That means that soon mature or poor health status vintages, withdrawals can be made fast color quickly (short maceration) suitable for young wine, without extracting herbaceous notes or defects resulting from diseases (the more alcohol is in the middle more fermentation solution can have undesirable compounds in wine.)



As we can see through biotechnology EDYPRO got increasing production and significantly enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the vineyard.