Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Soy is a relatively new crop for European farmers and due to the new requirements of the CAP and growing demand for products base on soy ingredients will have a significant expansion of planted areas in the coming years.

The cultivation of soybean gives important advantages in the case of rotation with the organic rice, enriching the soil with nitrogen and increasing its fertility.


Being a crop whose productivity depends on the number of flowers fertilized and the thickening of the pods, soy needs special conditions and treatments to boost its maximum productivity.

We at EDYPRO have developed two biotechnological products that influence the productive factors of soybeans:

SOJA CUAJE, enhancing the formation and fertilization of flowers,

SOJA ENGORDE, activating the accumulation of the reserves in the pods that allows to achieve the maximum specific weight of the grains, unifying the process of thickening and maturation of the pods.


Thus, in one farm in the Monferrato area (Italy), the farmer has achieved to increase the yield of soybean in the plots treated with SOJA CUAJE and SOJA ENGORDE with 27% compared to untreated ones.



The biotechnology of EDYPRO allows to maximize the productivity of your cultivation, improving the quality of grains.