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Spontaneous results COUPE REGENERACION Plus in tomatoe crop

One treated with the products of EDYPRO farms is located in Santa María del Aguila. In this locaclidad, in November of the year 2013, a strong HailStorm destroyed greenhouses more old, flat and flimsy.


The farmer has transformed the farm bringing new land and setting up a new greenhouse of "herringbone and amagado" gable.


The first crop that was in the new greenhouse was cucumber. Cucumber cultivated only in the row of sticks, taking a rooting and a difficult start (as it is known in the argot of the field "was not walking")


So the crop could boot, three consecutive and distant COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus applications were made approximately two weeks each other.


Today, as we see in these pictures of the day 19/09/15, tomato, the variety Vielsa (without graft) and transplanted on 20 of last August, has a very different behavior; rank of clubs lines evolve so excellent and medium are in a very critical situation, being that the date of transplantation, variety, watering, subscribers and treatments are the same.




For the technical team of EDYPRO is a great achievement that COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus mark the difference in activity and regenerate the soil, giving it the life you need!