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Why is COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus the best ally to regenerate your soil?

Date: 22-04-2020

Today is the International Day of Mother Earth, an official ephemeris proclaimed by the United Nations in 2009 whose objective is to make humanity aware of the problems arising from overpopulation, the conservation of biodiversity and pollution.

At EDYPRO we know that soil is the foundation of successful agriculture. And, therefore, its conservation is essential for the endurance of humanity. The disposition of well regenerated and active soils is the best guarantee of success before starting a new crop cycle.

In this sense, we have developed COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN PLUS, a regenerator of the microbiome of the cultivation soil with fast performanse that acts by increasing the cation exchange capacity and displacing the toxic salts of the clay-humic complex.

The six results that COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN PLUS achieves in soils are:

  • Effectively displaces sodium ion and toxic salts (sulfates, chlorides) from the top of the growing soil.
  • Replaces part of the mineral fertilizer and allows to carry the crop forward with less provision of chemical fertilizer. At the time increases the performance of fertilizers contributed by reducing the percentage of nitrates that accumulate in the soil and water.

    In this function, the environmental and social commitment of the EDYPRO company is presented, within which we ensure the fertility and sustainability of the land and avoid contamination of the aquifers.

  • Reactivates the microbial fauna of the cultivation soil (prebiotic effect) and allows to have active, healthy cultivation soils with great capacity for vegetative development. And so it achieves that the microbial population of the soil multiplies in a short period of time. With this action we can cultivate lowering the nitrogen endowments and obtain well-nourished crops in which all their nutritional needs are cowered.
  • With saline waters, it prevents the sodium ion from binding to the anions and cations of the soil, releasing the clay-humic complex from toxic salts.
  • Prolongs the useful life of the plant in the final phase and allows a better fattening of the fruits or complete filling of the ears, reducing the percentage of empty grains.
  • Balances and raises the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio, essential for the proper development of plants. In addition to improving the transformation and decomposition of organic matter into humus and nutrients. At the same time it produces a more branched root system, with a greater number of deep roots and increases the number of absorbent hairs since it improves the absorption of water and nutrients, obtaining a more constant growth with better tolerance to drought and stress.

In addition increases oxygenation, drainage and causes the thickening of trunk, root and fruit.

The care and conservation of the soil, as well as its regeneration is beneficial for the environment, agriculture and the farmer. If you need more information about the application of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN PLUS, you can find it at this link.