Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The organic production has increasing demand and among others olive oil that brings many benefits to human health.

Our goal is to work to ensure producers of organic crops a wide range of tools that allows them to have an optimal crop management, within the limitations of organic farming compared to conventional farming.

Here we share the experience of a producer of organic olive grove in the interior area of the province of Almeria:

The farmer applied:

  1. COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus in drip irrigation to regenerate the soil giving to the cultivation nutrients necessary for good performance.
  2. At the time of flowering PROCUAJE FOLIAR applied to ensure good production (as the trees came from a good harvest year).
  3. In early July he already made the first application of EDYFRUIT ENGORDE FOLIAR in order to improve the organoleptic characteristics of the oil and the appreciative The second application will be realized passed 3 weeks from the first.

In addition, the EDYFRUIT ENGORDE FOLIAR allows to increase the oil yield in the olive grove.

Below we show the photos taken July 7 where you can notice the perfect condition of the trees and how advanced the fruits are at this moment.



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