Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The calcium is one of the more important elements in the plant that decides the correct movement of the sap in the tissues and as consequence the good formation and enlargement of the fruits.

The deficit of calcium causes alterations in the vegetative development and harms the quality of the fruit in a very important way, by questioning the commercial quality of the fruits.

In many situations calcium is provided continuously but it remains undigested because of its incomplete formulations where calcium is unprotected and with sulphates passes to primary inassimilable forms, as in the case that we show below.

In the following images taken last September 28 can you see as the lack of calcium in the plant is represented:

1. On leaves: a whitish color of the ribs and the tip drying


2. In fruits: fruit´s white color, break in the enlargement process, black spot at the top of the fruit called "peseta".

To resolve the situation quickly and with secure efficiency, the farmer applied 20 L / ha of FER CALCIUM on October 3 and repeated the application on October 7 at the same dose.

FER CALCIUM is a special fertilizer of EDYPRO for radicular application with rapid assimilation that allows with small doses in continuous inputs to supply to the plant the necessary amounts of this so important secondary element. In the application of FER CALCIUM the frequency and constancy of applications is very important for optimum results in the crop.


In the visit subsequent to the applications we have already noted early changes in the behavior of the plants and impressive rate of enlargement that have taken the fruits.

In the photos taken on October 11 you may notice how the fruits´ color have changed, recovering its green color and the "peseta" already gone.