Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

For technical team EDYPRO is a great achievement that COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus makes a difference in activity and regenerate the soil, giving life you need!

The soil regenerated by COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus increases its cation exchange capacity and improves the physical structure.

In the following experience shows the case of a farm tomato variety Holy Wels where the weakness of the plant had made the farmer's decision to start in mid-February.
It was a farm where the plant had a very thin trunk, lack of vegetative activity with reduced number of new stems, leaves and small caliber under which resulted in few fruits and below the commercial size.
Our technical service on the visit last day 15.01.2016 recommended to perform:
COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus: 40 liters / 5500 m2 once a week and repeat 4 times.
- EDYFRUT ENGORDE RADICULAR 7.5 liters / 5500 m2 once a week and repeat 5 times.
With applications COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus + EDYFRUT ENGORDE RADICULAR and troubleshoot the problem, it has obtained an improvement in the size of the fruit and vegetative plant behavior. This important change has caused the farmer decides to keep growing during the remainder of winter and spring.