Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Soil is the basis of good agricultural production, and in most cases, it is impossible to change it. But it can be improved with the biotechnology of EDYPRO.


When the supplied mineral elements interact with carbonates of the irrigation water mineral elements are formed that pass to primary (inassimilable) form and create caking compaction of a soil and the bottom of the sand.


In the following images taken last September 27 in San Isidro de Nijar (Almería) can see as a sand quarry by its chemical composition and reaction with hard water forms a solid brown layer at the bottom.This layer prevents the correct development of the root system of the plant, creating a rhizosphere with the absence of oxygen and lack of renewal of the root hairs, accumulates toxic salts and retains water, creating an unfavorable environment for the root.



This causes a decline in the plant, with limited energy to carry out the physiological processes and production. The plant was hardened with lack of development.

In the field visit our Technical Director has recommended make weekly applications of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus at rate 60 L./ha. in every application during 6 weeks straightto:

  • Activate the cation exchange that was blocked to ensure that the plant can nourish and feed,
  • Increase oxygenation, soil drainage,
  • Provoke thickening of the root of the plant, improving the potential for absorption of water and nutrients from the soil,
  • Move the toxic salts from upper soil horizon.


Only 3 weeks after returning to the greenhouse we have a much more optimistic picture, the plants have regained energy, pace and vigor necessary to give a good production.In the photos below you may notice the good state of the plants and the change that they have suffered in just 21 days with continuous applications of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus.

Improving the assimilation of nutrients and physicochemical soil structure with applications COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus, we have achieved a constant and proper development of plants, improving their productive potential and quality of the fruits.


If you have a problem with functioning of your crop that have not yet found the solution, contact us and our Technical Department after the analysis of the situation will make personalized and optimal recommendations for you.