Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The activity of the soil and the same fertility depends on the success of the crop


To have a good production is necessary to have a very active soil, with high level of cation, pest and disease-free exchange that will allow the good hydration and nutrition from the plant.


COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus is designed to act more actively and with greater effect of endurance on the soil of crop.


The soil regenerated by COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus increases its cation exchange capacity and improves the physical structure.


COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus should be applied with the greatest possible uniformity and if the application is made in two irrigations the result will be much more satisfactory.



- It reactivates the microbial fauna of soil cultivation and allows active, healthy farming soil and with great capacity for vegetative growth.

- It increases the defenses of the crop against fungal attacks and gets higher performance of the fertilizers.

- It effectively displaces toxic salts in the clay-humic complex, increases the cation exchange capacity and improves the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and its drainage.


In short, get a better development and growth of the plant and the end result is a healthy, lively and fertile soil capable of contributing to the plant needed for its growth, keeping the plants with long life and healthy.