Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

A good root system with many absorbent hairs - is the essential basis for a good harvest. The assimilation of nutrients for constant and continuous vegetative development, which allows to carry out an optimal and high quality yield depends on the root system and its potential for renewal.

Moreover, a branched and active root system gives the plant greater resistance to stress factors, as is drought, waterlogging in the drip bulb, low nutrient content in the soil etc.

Therefore, in the field visits if the plant exhibits a "malaise" we look at the root first.

In the following images taken last Sept. 29 in a greenhouse with tomato in the area of El Ejido (Almeria) it is what we see by comparing the root system in the areas treated with COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus and PROCUAJE RADICULAR versus control without treatment in the same greenhouse (the rest of management practice: irrigation, fertilization, etc. is all the same). COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus was applied on August 31 at the dose 80 L/ha.

Soil samples to find the root have been made in the middle of the aisle between row and row, where no irrigation water comes but the root activated and promoted with the application of biotech products of EDYPRO reaches.



Among other advantages, COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus produces a branched root systemwith greater number of deep roots and increases the number of absorbent hairs, improving the absorption of water and nutrients, resulting in a more constant growth with better drought tolerance and stress.



What would you do to have your plants with such a strong root system?


Apply COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus now to increase the vegetative and productive potential of yourcrop.