Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Easy solutions for complex varieties of citrus: ORONULES

The ORONULES variety is one of the most complex to make a good production. It is highly valued in the market, but having high yields is very complex and difficult task.

The production in this variety is achieved when the plant has a good sink effect (accumulation of reserves in the floral ovary) and while was stimulated the immune system to balance its vegetative state and avoid spontaneous sprouting by end of June.

In the following photos (made June 30, 2016) you can see ORONULES in the área of Los Valles (Valencia, Spain) managed with biotechnology of EDYPRO having an excellent yield prevision.




The tree has good color by having optimal nutrition. Also highlighted:

- the magnificent uniformity in the size of fruits,

the perfect distribution of the fruits over the tree both outside and inside and

- good load distribution, it being similar in the south and the north side, that usually is much less productive.