Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos



We want to share with you the successes obtained with the ROOT RICE product in rice varieties that are sensitive to germination, such as: Felix and Nerone.

Next, we can see the powerful development of the root system and the uniformity in the growth of plants of variety Nerone that have been treated with ROOT RICE.

Difficulties have been encountered at the time of germination due to active substance intoxication of the pre-emergence herbicide, which however have had little effect on the seeds treated with ROOT RICE.






Next, we show you a video where you can see the spectacular germination of the rice Nerone treated with ROOT RICE with an incredible rhythm of the development of the plant thanks to the Biotechnology of EDYPRO.



In the following photograph, we can observe the Felix Variety treated with ROOT RICE and planted in water. This variety has important difficulties to germinate in case of planting in water but, when treated with ROOT RICE, the seed shows a perfect germination.




Finally we show you images on June 1st, where we can see the great development of germination with EDYPRO products.



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