Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos



On June 28, 2017, our experts in rice cultivation moved to Camargue (France) to check the results obtained in French rice such as TAM TAM, BRIO Ecológico, CRLB1, RAMBO and PATI after applying our products of EDYPRO Biotechnology.

In all plots and varieties ROOT RICE was applied on the seed and EDYFRUIT ARROZ was applied on the first herbicide pass.

In the loosest plots with low cationic exchange and saline lands, COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus has been applied.

Below you can see some examples of fields treated with different combinations of products.




It shows the field treated with COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus since it has a greater instauration of the plants. Those that have been treated have a much larger and healthier root system with greater ability to assimilate the nutrients so that they are more developed.