Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Different combinations of herbicides are used for the control of Cyperus. The application of:

BENTAZONE 2 L. / ha +

A RICE VIGOR 3 L./ha. +

MELASTOP 0.4-0.5 L./ha.

It is a very effective alternative and free from negative effects such as those of hormonal that in some cases end up reducing productivity in the crop.

We recommend this combination first of all when EDYFRUIT ARROZ has been applied before to ensure that the product can maximally express the genes stimulated to improve the physiological processes.

When a hormonal herbicide has been applied, we recommend a subsequent application of A RICE VIGOR of 3 to 5 L. / ha. (Detoxifying effect) achieves a wide stomatal opening that volatilizes the hormonal load inside the plant.