Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos


The last 16 of May, EDYPRO Biotechnology visited the rice fields of the Delta del Ebro area, where farmers have applied our biotech products for rice during this campaign, in order to see the results of the applications together in their fields treated with ROOT RICE.

You can see in the video the good development of the crop that at 27 days of planting, the rice is already in a state of very advanced development.
The seed has been treated with ROOT RICE for the stimulation of germination and development of the root system of plants.


Then, in the photos we can show the results of the treatment with ROOT RICE. We observe how the nutrients of this product WITHOUT RESIDUES have activated the germination and rooting. In addition, the germination in the seeds has been increased, increasing the yield and avoiding the birth and lack of rooting and planting.









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