Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Gladio rice field area of Extremadura (Vegas Altas), treated with COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus.



Photos taken on August 3. Currently the plot has a greater evolution.


This is a property that, in the last three years, going through a continuous production decline. Germinated rice improperly and the phase appeared godson stands mode accented with death of plants and yellowing in the environment. The plants were left with braking vegetative growth, without advance or complete their growth stages.


Continued dry provocation allowed stop the symptom but not solve the problem. This is called symptom akiochi.


In one of the two most affected plots, it is decided to apply COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus.


Applying COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus in the plot after harvesting and burning straw, gets facilitate the decomposition of excess straw and stubble, improving soil cation exchange and recovering oxygenation and carbon ratio/ nitrogen.


The outcome of the treatment recommended by EDYPRO has been a good and great germination proper development and standard on the entire plot. All this eliminates the possibility akiochi problems and lack of oxygen intake at the ground of the crop.

Also parallel plot "control" has continued to express the problems and symptoms of akiochi.