Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos
Here we show the results obtained with ROOT SEED and COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus applications on a plot of wheat in the area of Cadiz.
After performing a complete analysis of soil cultivation, the seed treated with ROOT SEED with dose 1L / 100 kg of seed and then, after seeding, the herbicide is applied together with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus with dose 40 L./ha. 
We have two cases:
- Plot treated with ROOT SEED and COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus.
- Plot treated with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus

Comparison of average length of stems (cm) and average number of grains per spike

Compared with the control area, in both cases, the results of those treated with biotechnology products EDYPRO, plots have higher values in terms of:
- Uniformity of germination off the plot of the untreated side.
- Promptness in plant development.
- Standardization of crop development.
- Visual impact in applied against witness.
- Potential godson.
- Size of the pin.
- Number of grains per spike.
- Number of spikes per m2.
The results regarding spike length and number of grains per spike are greater in the treated plot with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus than in the treated ROOT SEED and COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus Plus due to excess plant that generated ROOT SEED.
As stimulator dela seed germination product, ROOT SEED should be applied with the right amount of seed per surface in order to avoid excessive plant and therefore a shorter length of the pins.
In the following photos we can see the high density of pins and a better configuration of these after treatments EDYPRO products.

1. Plants treated with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus have a root system better developed, with stronger and long roots.

The magnificent effect of COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus on the thickness of the stem.

2. Plants treated with COUPÉ REGENERATION Plus have generated a longer and more number of grains per spike spikes.