Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos


 When its advanced, the plant spends a lot of energy to carry forward the fruits that are ripening, those that are in the period of thickening and the flowers to be fertilized. This situation means that the plant is very worn to achieve the appropriate maturation according to the genetics of the variety.

In this time, with the plant loaded with fruits and being about to finish the crop, it is important to shorten the ripening process, so that the fruits ripen with less expenditure of energy, fattening at the same time the remaining fruits.

In the following experience, we have found a farm where the change of fruits´ color was very slow, uneven and unattractive.

These are the measures implemented:

  1. Reactivate the assimilation in the drip bulb thanks to the prebiotic effect of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus applied to 80 L./ha. distributed in 2 applications: February 6 and 27;
  2. To promote the color change in the 100% of the periphery of the fruit. And achieve the optimum tone of the genetics of the variety with MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR applied to 15 L./ha. February 8 and repeated in one week.

Next, you can see how fast the change has occurred in the farm in question: