Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos


This year due to the continuing drought we are experiencing at the national level, the citrus producers have significant difficulty in achieving commercial calibres in early varieties.

The PRI-23 variety is suffering in very pronounced way as hormonal products have been used to fatten the variety is passing vertiginously to a marked color change and early maturation; at which time the fruit thickening stops and remains in a little commercial size. Moreover, the fruits being treated with hormones have deviated central axis and are thickening more on one side than the other, ie the fruits have a deformed morphological configuration.

This circumstance is slowing sales in field and questioning in an important way if this year will be possible to export this variety or the fruits will stay out of the market requirements.

Here we can see the variety PRI-23 driven by EDYPRO´s biotechnology (without the use of hormones), the fruit is reaching the end of the state of thickening maintaining the deep green color and following actively the enlargement process.

In this farm the medium fruit´s caliber is around 45-50 mm and some fruits already exceed 50 mm. Essential oil glands have great capacity of expansion and provision for fruit grow in the final phase.

In the following photos you can observe an excellent configuration of the fruits, the large and very uniform caliber, and the good condition of trees.

All these advantages have been obtained due to the crop management in precision agriculture with the use of EDYPRO´s biotechnology.

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