Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI is a product specially designed to enhance and standardize the caliber of the fruits of persimmon, which affects the final part of development of the fruit causing the plant to accumulate many carbohydrates in the interior of the fruit.

This BioProcess managed to increase significantly the caliber of the fruits and therefore, the average of the plot.

In 2015 EDYPRO has made demonstrative applications with gauge measures in several plots of Valencia, with the results we are presenting them here.



As you can see, the fruits treated with SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI are larger, some fruits of uniform size and a better color. Caliber increased and the pace of this growth is faster in the treated area in the control.



In addition a positive the gauges of the treated area and development with the largest increases between dates of measurement, the fruits have a size larger and uniform throughout the tree.


This plot is composed of young plants, whose development already generates a good gauge on the fruit itself only. Therefore the difference between the treated area and control gauges is lower than in the other case, but with a few more uniform fruit and greater staining.





As shown in the pictures, the treated area with SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI are fruitslarger than and a greater uniformity than in the control area.


The first measurement of calibers was the day 14/09/2015, where the caliber of the average tree of the treated area was 74,23 and the day 30/09/2015 presents an average of 82,53 caliber, a growth of large caliber between both dates. The farmer is very pleased with these results.