Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos



In the production of field tomatoes, the correct configuration of the bouquet and the uniformity of the fruits (both size, the level of maturation and the number of fruits per branch) are the most important factors which values the market and consumers.


This fall we found in a greenhouse with Juanita, of De Ruiter variety / MONSANTO; with a situation where the plant


It was the field with insufficient number of fruits by industry and thus the farmer, had the risk of staying out of such high demands of the market.

We have raised with our biotechnology to achieve the following objectives:

-thicken the stem up to 10 kg / m2 (the goal of the farmer is 7/8 kg m2).

-Number of fruits higher by industry, (the market requirement is a minimum of 15 fruits / Branch) which directly increases the production and let the farmer more chances to succeed. Objective of EDYPRO to achieve 20 fruit bouquets to have an average higher than 15 fruits per branch.

-Get classes with very uniform fruits and of high quality, and high caliber.



-Get the fruits to ripen at the same time, facilitating the bouquet collection.

-Shortened internodes to increase the number of branches per linear meter of ground.

-Increase the defenses of plant metabolism and plant more responsive mode suitable to environmental changes / climate.


Without a doubt, far more important in the production of these tomatoes is the curdling process, when determining both the number of fruits, the configuration and the time between the setting of the first and the last fruit of the bouquet, working with our biotechnology and stimulating the genes linked to curdled, fattening and ripening processes.


At the same time, we remind you that induce the plant to a high and constant rate of production of EDYPRO biotechnology, we have ensure that the same nutrition is at the height of our demands and the assimilation of the nutrients provided is adequate.


With the Continuous application of products: COUPE REGENERATION Plus, PROCUAJE RADICULAR, EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR we have achieved the objective and outcomes can observe them in the following photos.









Seen as the fattening of the fruits of sequential mode and maturation also occurs.