Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

On Thursday August 27 the 2015 Rice Field Day organized by IRTA.

EDYPRO biotechnology, as specialists in rice cultivation, presented the results of their tests with produtos  ROOT RICEEDYFRUIT ARROZ and COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus.

Those attending the conference were able to exchange opinions, answer questions and see firsthand the results.

Attendees were able to exchange opinions, answer questions and see firsthand the results.

With the results presented of  ROOT RICE applications, we have demonstrated the importance of their use for uniform germination of the plants, reducing losses of plant seed and adverse weather conditions (high winds, strong contrasts of temperatures, etc.) while is achieved rapid and great development of the root system, the largest number of hairs absorbing and assimilation of all fertilizer is facilitated.

ROOT RICE shortened developmental stages from planting to the first application of herbicide, thus enabling act on weeds more sensitive states, and herbicides act in a more successful way.

On the other hand, it has also been observed that  ROOT RICE prevents damage waterfowl that covers the floor of the culture for 15 days and reduces the period of risk of attack by midges because if the planting is done early (late April, early May) with ROOT RICE, the plant already has 3/4 godchildren and can not be attacked by this pest.

Farmers and repeatedly expressed their full confidence in EDYFRUIT ARROZ. During the day it was explained how the product stimulates production factors, quickly restoring the damaged root system by the application of herbicides. Because of this, it is possible to emphasize and standardize the godson, resulting in the ears of the sons of the plant are of equal size and quality as the main stem.

EDYFRUIT ARROZ lengthens the vegetative activity during the milky phase and increases the percentage of whole, reducing land yesado and high productive potential, increase the average production.

Finally, are presented the results of the COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus test.

COUPÈ REGENERATION Plus, active sowing so pronounced cation exchange, achieving the optimum assimilation of nutrients from the soil and fertilizers provided by.

It has been observed that applied stubble Post-harvest, activates the decomposition of straw and achieves a high equilibrium carbon - nitrogen, which determine the production potential of rice cultivation.