Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Good curdled is the most important determining factor that influences the production and quality in most fruit.


For example, in growing the percentage of cherry flowers become fruit is quite low, and therefore it is very important to enable the functions related tree fruit set:


- Flower formation.

- Ovary good configuration.

- Sink effect.

- Accumulation of reserves (carbohydrates) in newly fertilized fruits to prevent abortion.


Last April, our client encountered a great loss of newly fertilized fruits.


As you can see, there are fruits affected by low capacity for photosynthesis, which have stopped in their development and are about to lose (abortion).




We have recommended an urgent solution to consolidate fertilized fruits and get a quick sink effect in these fruits: with PROCUAJE FOLIAR to 4 L. / ha. accompanied with MELASTOP (foliar treatments enhancer).


PROCUAJE FOLIAR is a product specially developed to impregnate the fruits and quickly create a sinkhole effect floral reserves in the ovary, creating a sharp floral differentiation.


It acts excellent developing flower with an ovary properly configured for proper fertilization, while affects the increase and formation of fertile pollen.


One day after the completion of recommended treatment, during the visit to the plot, we see a cardinal change in the behavior of the fruit.

In 15 hours, the tree shows that many fruits would be aborted, they have been consolidated into the tree and started thickening phase.





These are the amazing results of the Biotechnology of EDYPRO!


We are at your full disposal to assist in improving production in cultivation!