Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Preliminary results in comparative showcase

Winter cucumber in Carchuna (Granada)

The best way to demonstrate the potential of biotechnology is to let the farmer see in his own greenhouse the difference between the plot applied with the EDYPRO products and the control plot that is being handled in a habitual way. Therefore, in November of last 2017, we launched a comparative showcase in a greenhouse in Carchuna, where half has been managed through the biotechnology of EDYPRO and another half has been managed with the usual products for the farmer.

In the part managed by the biotechnology of EDYPRO, the following applications have been made:

One application for the entire crop cycle of EDYPRO HUMECTANTE to improve the behavior of the water in the drip bulb and allow it to expand in the horizontal direction.

One application a week of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus at 20 L./ha. for 6 weeks to improve the assimilation of the nutrients provided.

One application per week of EDYFOS at 10 L./ha. for 6 weeks to provide highly assimilable phosphorus that induces to flower formation with a high level of fertile pollen.

From the beginning of the flowering PROCUAJE RADICULAR at 15 L./ha. alternate weeks during 8 weeks to promote the formation of well-shaped flowers and activate the accumulation of carbohydrates in newly fertilized fruits, minimizing this node abortion "boredom" of fruits.

From the beginning of the thickening EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR to 15 L./ha. alternate weeks for 8 weeks to improve the filling of the fruits, achieving an outstanding density and consistency.

Here we share the impressions of David who has made the precise and correct comparisons that allow him to see and demonstrate to his colleagues the advantages that EDYPRO's biotechnological treatments bring to the crop.


To follow the evolution of the greenhouse, on January 9 we have returned with technicians and farmers to share the impressions and draw conclusions from the experience.

All present have observed that:

  • In the treated part, the plants have the most advanced and most powerful regrowth.
  • The fruits in the treated part are longer, more filled, with more shine.

In the photos below you can see the differences in the behavior of the plants and in the quality of the fruits.

We will continue to inform you about the final results of this showcase in terms of production and commercial quality of the fruits harvested.