Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The following video shows a farm of peppers of the compass, from the area of Almeria variety. The peppers were transplanted the day 10/07/2015 and treated with products of EDYPRO biotechnology.

First, the estate was treated with EDYPRO ENRAIZANTE and COUPE REGENERACIÓN.

The time of beginning of fruit set, continued to PROCUAJE RADICULAR applications were realized. As you can see, after applications of these products, the plant has a great number of fruits, with high quality and great uniformity.

The number of open flowers is very high and the flowers are perfectly configured.

During the month of September, continued EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR applications, in order to increase the size of the fruits, weight and thickness of the wall. At the same time, applications of this product have been supplemented with foliar applications of HYDROCAL and ULTRAMAN, associated with ALGATRON, performed a perfect combination to keep the plant in constant vegetative activity, to allow you a continuous setting.

This plot of Peppers is an an excellent harvest forecast both in units and in quality, thanks to the good configuration of the fruits.

A grand success of biotechnology !