Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

ORGANOVITAL PLUS is a biostimulant with nutritional capacity, which acts by potentiating the activity of the culture. This perfect combination of amino acids, organic matter and nutrients ORGANOVITAL PLUS makes an effective product that provides the shortcomings of these macro and micro-elements and facilitates the assimilation of all subscribers, unlocking the mineral compounds.


ORGANOVITAL PLUS stimulates vegetative growth leading to a balanced and continuous growth.


These images correspond to a plot of growing onions in the town of Náquera (Valencia).


The pictures are taken on 03.30.2015, where has not yet made any treatment. This very day begin applications ORGANOVITAL PLUS 60-80 L / ha by root.


On 04/01/2015, two days after making the first applications ORGANOVITAL PLUS, the plot of onions has developed very fast, with long plants, a significant thickening and bulb neck, while a perfect taken coloration (more intense green) by increasing chlorophyll.