Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

This plot from the Les Valls area in the Campo del Murviedro region (Valencia) is managed with the biotechnology of EDYPRO.

The variety of Sanguinelli oranges (known as red oranges or blood oranges) is a very popular native variety in this area.

The management with the use of biotechnology of EDYPRO has resulted in a tree with many reserves so that it can produce an outstanding fruit and a high quality standard.

First of all, this year, Stimulation Treatments have been carried out to achieve a good sprouting in spring and Treatments for Fruit Thinning and Enlargement Without Hormones with supporting radicular applications of ORGANOVITAL PLUS, an enhancer of crop activity.


IMAGES TAKEN 12/06/2019




After this date the second Treatment of Fruit Thinning is recommended since there was still a lot of fruit and the tree would not be able to reach an adequate caliber, taking into account that this variety is not to make many kilos.

Thus, by reducing the number of fruits we have increased the caliber and quality. The result is a good color of the tree with very prominent calibers and with a very lean skin so a very good harvest result is predicted.

IMAGE TAKEN: 16/07/2019