Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR is a biotechnology base product developed in order to create growing biological optimum conditions for ripening process is carried out in the shortest less possible time.


MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR affects the productive factors and motivates the accumulation of energy in the fruits in the State of maturation, shortening the process and optimizing the fruit organoleptic factors, without altering the life post-recoleccion of the fruit or fruits that are found in other phases.


MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR only acts on the fruits that are in a State of maturation.


Below are some images of a plot of peppers treated with MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR in the Almeria area.


The first treatment was carried out the day 08/01/2016 with a dose of 20L / has. The following applications were carried out every 7 days, at a rate of 10L / has.


The high speed of change of coloration with MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR applications can be seen in the images.