Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Impressive fruit enlargement in the PRI-23 variety handled with biotechnology

The issue of caliber and quality of the fruit in the early and extra-early varieties is an important concern of the producers and technicians since the tree begins its vegetative activity in spring. These varieties tend to have an excess of fruits, reason why to obtain a good commercial caliber is a challenge for many farmers.

Seeing what occurred last year 2016 when the use of hormonal products has caused an excess of fruit per tree and difficult thickening, and has anticipated the ripening of the fruits, stopping the physiological process of thickening in mid-August, some farmers have placed their trust in our management plan for extratemperal and early varieties.

Whne implemented the techniques of crop management and the biotechnological treatments recommended by our technician specialist in complex varieties of citrus, the farmer has noticed the great differences that we are achieving:

  • In the quality of the trees, the leaves are very green, large and with great photosynthetic capacity.
  • In the rhythm of thickening of the fruits, as of July 14 the average calibers were already between 58 and 39.18 mm.
  • In the important labor saving to perform the manual thinning thanks to the treatments of Fruit Thinning and Fattening without Hormones.

Also, you can see the comparative photos and appreciate the differences by yourself.


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