Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Delicious French strawberries treated with EDYPRO biotechnology

In January we shared with you the success of the biotechnological treatments of EDYPRO for the improvement of the vegetative development of the strawberry plants and entry into production stage here.

The farmer continues to carry out the recommended plan of treatments and due to it has managed to advance production and harvesting despite a harder than usual winter.

In the following photos you can see how the strawberries of the Garigueta variety have changed and appreciate the great load of fruits that the plants have and the impeccable appearance of them. The uniformity of the fruits and their good configuration is a resounding achievement of the biotechnology of EDYPRO.

Do you notice any aborted flower? We see all the flowers being fertilized.

The rhythm of thickening and ripening is optimum, allowing to the plant to finish the fruit with less time and energy.

The full ripening of fruits makes them be in the upper quality level.

We in EDYPRO are very proud of these magnificent results and we are at your disposal to improve your harvest of strawberries.