Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The future agriculture is the combination of the professionalism of the farmer, the applied technology and with indispensable application of the biotechnology that allows to extract the maximum productive potential of the crops.

In the wide EDYPRO´s catalog an exceptional place possesses COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus and PROCUAJE RADICULAR for its exceptional results that our loyal customers confirm year after year. But what physiological aspects of the crops improve these products and in what measure?

To document the improvements of different productive factors of the tomato crop we are carrying out a demonstrative experience in El Ejido area (Almeria, Spain) with the application of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus and PROCUAJE RADICULAR.

Below you can see the comparative photos and graphs that show the benefits that the application of our biotechnological products brings to the tomato crop.

The potential of development of the root system in plants treated with COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus is amazing and is the basis of a great yield.


We are analyzing vine tomato, therefore, the configuration of a symmetrical cluster with adequate distance between fruits, and with minimal amount of aborted fruits will define the commercial quality of the harvest.

By increasing the number of vines per plant we directly increase the kg harvested per m2.


With greater number of fruits per cut vine increases the number of kg / m2 that the farmer will be paid for. Directly increasing the number of fruits per vine with the application of our biotech products, we have secured the farmer a significant increase in his profit.

If you want to implement our biotech products in your crop management system, contact EDYPRO or our Distributor.