Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

High professionalism of the farmer

High Technology in the greenhouse


In the following photos taken today you can see a exemplary greenhouse with tomatoes Angel variety managed in Precision Agriculture with the use of EDYPRO´s biotechnology.

From the start of the crop cycle the farmer have made 4 consecutive apportations of COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus, and after every one of them have applied PROCUAJE RADICULAR to impact the formation of flower clusters and parts of the flowers, that directly affects yield and fruit quality.

You can check the excellent state of the plants, the high number of floral clusters and their excellent quality:

  • Extended and bifurcated floral clusters,
  • Flowers with wide sepals that facilitates the work of bumblebees and ensures good configuration of the fruits,
  • A large sink effect can be appreciated in the fruits already in thickening state and still carry the petals.




COUPE REGENERACIÓN Plus PROCUAJE RADICULAR – the best for an excellent harvest from the first fruit cluster!