Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Fruit at the moment is in the phase of cell multiplication and thickening, especially thickening of the outermost portions of the fruit as the skin and the socket.

The watery appears in start time of ripening or maturation, when weather conditions are adverse and persistent rains or strong winds, which dehydrate the skin of the fruit and begin to cause mortality of cellular tissue.

The most appropriate way to provide this kind of physiological changes that damage the fruit is on for the month of September, if possible before 25 September (period before the start of color change) making appropriate treatment that strengthens cell wall, giving consistency and resistance to such changes.

With these natural self-defense of the fruit we are creating a very beneficial effect is then very favorable when collecting collecting clean, healthy and with the least possible damage caused by climatic factors fruits.

In the following link you can find the optimal treatment to improve skin quality.

If the grain is needed to improve the final gauge can add EDYFRUIT ENGORDE FOLIAR 2.5 L x 1000.

On the other side, MELASTOP, now the antifoam effect, greatly facilitates product handling and processing equipment.