Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Changing times have brought us in the cultivation of citrus fruits, we have to go for maximum production, quality and a culture without waste.


Currently the main problems and causes affecting production in citrus crops are:

- Lack of rooting and root system. Caused by lack of activity in the complex clay - humic or attacks by fungi and         nematodes (lack of vegetative growth and vigor in the trees).

- Lack of production. Lack of pollen and fruit set with incomplete fertilization. (The level of fertilized fruits is low).

- Lack of commercial size and density in the fruit. The plant has difficulty to accumulate reserves in the fruit in the       phase of thickening (not commercial calibers). Large fruits with low weight and compactness, caused by disorders in   the vegetative rhythm.

- Disease control: in the last stage of development of the fruit and ripening.


From EDYPRO biotechnology, work on the key factors of success with an effective methodology and practice:  INTEGRAL PLAN OF CROPS WITHOUT WASTE, which we managed to improve the functioning of the culture according to their phenological States and preventing the intrinsic diseases.

To have a good production is necessary to have a very active soil, with high level of cation, pest and disease-free exchange that will allow the good hydration and nutrition from the plant.


Get a live and healthy soil with COUPE REGENERATION. Benefits:

- Reactive the crop soil and allows active, healthy farming soil and with great capacity for vegetative growth.

- It effectively displaces toxic salts in the clay-humic complex, avoiding that they focus on soil cations.

- Increases the cation exchange capacity and improve the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and its drainage.


Get a good flowering and good fruit set, by PROCUAJE FOLIAR, falling so direct and sequential in the stimulation of plant genome to, through this, increase the formation of carbohydrates in the daily plant photosynthesis. It acts through the raw SAP increases their level of carbohydrates. It has an impact on the fertilization of flowers and causes a large increase in reserves in the floral newly fertilized ovary. The end result is an increase of curdled and uniformed fruits.


For a good caliber and size of the fruits, EDYFRUIT ENGORDE FOLIAR. It affects so direct and sequential in the stimulation of the plant genome, for through this increase the accumulation of reserves in the oil yield fruit in the phase of thickening. It affects so direct and sequential in the stimulation of the plant genome, for through this increase the accumulation of reserves in the oil yield fruit in the phase of thickening. Affects all the fruits of the plant that are in the phenological State of thickening, both in the caliber and quality factors: color, consistency, sugar content, shine, that determine the success of the harvest.


MADUR FRUIT FOLIAR, reducing the maturing period without damaging the fruit and increasing the contrast of color inside and outside to increase the attractive of the fruit. It activates and advances the process of formation of ethylene in the flat, essential for the maturation.

In addition, also increases the content in juice at the same time and promotes the emergence of foreign fruit pigments: carotenoids and anthocyanins.


With MELASTOP, improvement of the effectiveness of the treatments.

MELASTOP is an enhancer of phytosanitary treatments, which acts by lowering the surface tension of the water used in the preparation of broths plant protection spray, increasing the coated surface. The reduction of the surface tension gives rise to fine droplets that have higher coating and pervasiveness in the surface of the plant, providing a greater effect of the treatment.

Get a perfect distribution of the film of liquid applied on phytosanitary treatments, undoing the molasses and enhancing the active principles used.


You can see more screenshots with the results of the applications of these products in the following link from our blog: