Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

Increase the production and quality through biotechnology with EDYPRO.


Problems and causes affecting the production under the autumn/winter coat:


-Missing curdled / low production.

-Non-commercial gauges / lack of fattening.

-Complete maturation.

-Lack of rooting and root system. Lack of assimilation of nutrients.


For a better fruit setPROCUAJE RADICULAR. Benefits:


-The cultivation of the cucumber, provides abortion floral

-In tomato, contributes to the formation of the ovary, opening of petals and pollen level, increasing the effect sink or  reserve accumulation in the fruit

-In the pepper, increases the number of full flowers, creating a well fertilized fruit

-Zucchini, increases the number of fruits and the quality of them, allowing you to work at the plant with low      temperatures, without lowering the number of harvested fruits nila vegetative activity

-In watermelon and melon, avoid floral abortion and procure that each flower is transformed into a full fruit


PROCUAJE RADICULAR for your convenience of application through the irrigation lines affects so direct and sequential in the stimulation of the plant genome, through increasing production.


The best fattening with EDYFRUIT ENGORDE RADICULAR. Benefits:


-In the cultivation of the cucumber, regulates and steadily grow fruits and gives us long, cylindrical fruits of good caliber, firmly and first quality

-In tomato, gets uniform, no hollow interior, or cracked skin fruits, with high weight specific, smooth skin and excellent organoleptic conditions

-Pepper, it causes stimulation of the plant genome giving a daily increase of thickening of the fruits, resulting in very uniform fruits of high caliber, with very thick-walled (with high weight) and great consistency.

-In zucchini, increases the accumulation of reserves in the fruit from the plant during the period of application.

Get uniform fruits, smooth skin, specific high weight and with excellent organoleptic conditions.

-In watermelon and melon, causes a thickening of the fruits daily increase, resulting in very uniform fruits of high caliber, with very thick-walled (with high weight) and great consistency.


The best maturation with MADUR FRUIT RADICULAR. Benefits:


-In the cultivation of tomato, shortens the ripening process without altering the life post-recoleccion of the fruit, getting a complete maturation and color uniform of the fruits

-In the pepper, it is ripening and considerably improves the organoleptic conditions without altering the life post-recoleccion of the fruit

-In watermelon and melon, generates a uniform and fast maturation with higher level of sugars in fruits


Prior to the stage of fruit set, fattening and ripening of fruits, get a soil active, fertile and tough to get with successful cultivation with COUPE REGENERATION Plus.


Coupe COUPE REGENERATION Plus is designed to act more actively and with greater effect of endurance on the soil of crop. The soil regenerated by COUPE REGENERATION Plus increases its cation exchange capacity and improves the physical structure.


You can see more screenshots with the results of the applications of these products in the following link from our blog: