Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

The persimmon is a tropical fruit that, for some years, is systematically cultivated in many parts of Spain and much, in turn, in Valencia.




COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus: mejora la fertilidad de la tierra. 

HYDROCALcorrector de carencias de rápida absorción.

EDYMAG: aportaciones de Magnesio.

ALGATRONfavorece el crecimiento.

ULTRAMAN: aportaciones de Manganeso. 

ENDOFOSFITO: correcto desarrollo del cultivo.

SUPER ENGORDE CAQUImejora los calibres.


MELASTOPpotenciador de los tratamientos fitosanitarios.


For infertile soils with low cation exchange capacity and insufficient nutrient uptake we recommend applying COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus.

The soil regenerated by COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus increases cation exchange capacity and improves soil structure facilitating oxygenation, drainage etc.

HYDROCAL is formulated with calcium complexed with penetrating substances, specifically prepared to correct calcium deficiency in crops; either it caused by antagonisms in calcium absorption or insufficient levels of assimilable calcium in the soil. Increases consistency and HYDROCAL fruit coloring in the maturation phase.

Continued application of direct mode HYDROCAL impinges on increased osmotic potential and increases tree good fruit morphological configuration.

EDYMAG is a combination of mineral elements (N and Mg) with organic elements, forming a molecule rapidly assimilated by the tree and with high mobility of magnesium ion through sap, while acting as an activator of chlorophyll in the I cultivate achieving a rapid and lasting change color.

ALGATRON favors the physiological processes essential for the proper development of the crop, flowering, fertilization, fruit set plant and affects the uniformity and quality of the final production.

ALGATRON is indicated for those crops khaki where desired increase growth, increase production, consistency and uniformity of fruits.

Manganese has important functions in the metabolism of plants.

ULTRAMAN is a product specially designed to specifically address the shortcomings of manganese. It is a product of rapid assimilation and direct action on the prevention and correction of the lack of manganese in the khaki.

ENDOFOSFITO is a product that acts on crops providing phosphorus, potassium and Molybdenum necessary for the proper development of woodland and improving the caliber of the fruits from the time of flower formation until the start of the color change.

SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI is specially designed to increase and standardize the caliber of the fruits of khaki.

SUPER ENGORDE CAQUI influences the end of fruit development plant causing many carbohydrates accumulate inside the fruit.

This process achieves significantly increase the fruit size and increase so pronounced the average fruit size of the plot.

MELASTOP is an enhancer of phytosanitary treatments, penetrating, wetting, dispersing and pH regulator with antifoaming. Get a perfect distribution of the liquid film applied to phytosanitary treatments, undoing molasses and promoting the principles active employees.