Fertilizantes Biotecnológicos

With biotechnology EDYPRO adapted to the cultivation of the olive tree, we not only increase the oil yield achieving more kilos of oil, they also improve the State of the trees with excess reserves to ensure good harvest in subsequent years.


Biotechnology line in  EDYPRO for the cultivation of the olive tree, consists of several products, according to the need:

COUPE REGENERATION: it improve the physical structure of the soil, increasing its oxygenation and its drainage and reactive the crop soil. As result you get soil active and healthy, able to bring to the floor you need for your growth, keeping the plants with long life and healthy. COUPE REGENERATION replaces conventional inputs from manure.



1st application of 60 l. / has.

2nd application of 40 l. / has.

3rd application of 40 l. / has.

Spaced a month including


CUPRO-PLUS: It is an innovative formulation designed to regain the levels of copper in crops.

You can apply via foliar, through 3 (1st before the start of spring), 2nd annual applications before the start of the summer and the 3rd before the start of the autumn with a dose of 4-5 L / ha; and also through the root, with a dose of 10L. / He has. in the middle of spring and 10L. / He has. at the end of summer.


GROSKOLOR PLUS: it is a balanced and specific foliar fertilizer for the olive tree, which provides a nutritional balance to the plant necessary for a correct development of the fruit.

Its application is leaf, with a dose of 5 L / has spring, summer and fall treatments.


ALGATRON: it is a stimulant, a unique and innovative product that helps the plant physiological processes essential for the proper development of cultivation, flowering, fertilization, fruit set, as well as the quality of final production.

It's recommended to perform 2 Foliar sprays in the spring with a dose of 3 L / has.

If we have obtained a reduced fruit set in the harvest or we need to promote fruit set, apply PROCUAJE FOLIAR, which has an impact on the fertilization of flowers and causes a large increase in reserves in the floral ovary freshly fertilized, increasing the number of curdled flowers, the quality and uniformity of the fruits.

Applies to via Foliar at the beginning of the appearance of the flowers open when they are not more than 5%, with a dose: 3 to 4 l / has.

Between the period of physiological fall and veraison, olive trees builds up reserves, but problems in the fattening and accumulation of oil yield of the olive tree can cause. With EDYFRUIT ENGORDE FOLIAR promote the fattening of the olive tree, in caliber and quality factors: performance fatty, color, consistency, sugar content, shine, that determine the success of the harvest. Increases the accumulation of reserves in the fruit, increasing the oil yield in the phase of thickening.

Apply foliar with the first application at the end of July or early August and repeated 4-6 weeks after the first application, with a dose of 4L. / has and application.

To an improvement in the efficacy of phytosanitary treatments, apply MELASTOP, which acts by lowering the surface tension of the water used in the preparation of phytosanitary wines to spray, resulting in fine droplets which have higher coating and pervasiveness in the vegetable surface, providing a greater effect of the treatment. Get a perfect distribution of the film of liquid applied on phytosanitary treatments, undoing the molasses and enhancing the active principles used. MELASTOP allows you to lower the dose of herbicide between 15% - 20%.


The following comparative tables show the increase in oil yield in areas of olive-treated products EDYPRO biotechnology:





You can see more screenshots with the results of the applications of these products in the following link from our blog: